90's House poster

Brief Plot SUmmary

What happens when a super connected cast has to unplug and live in the most rad decade ever? No smart phones, Wi-Fi or GPS allowed in this house but tons of the flyest fun, fashion and pop culture moments will be rebooted back to reality. 90's House is hosted by Lance Bass and full of cameos from the 90's most beloved celebrities.


Start Date: Jan/1/1970




Season 1

90’s House 1×01: Welcome to the 90’s!
90’s House 1×02: The One with the Music Video
90’s House 1×03: The One with All the Pick-Up Lines
90’s House 1×04: The One With the Movie Posters
90’s House 1×05: The One With the Sitcom
90’s House 1×06: The One with the Rap Battle
90’s House 1×07: The One with the Icons

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