Age of the Living Dead poster

Brief Plot SUmmary

In a post-apocalyptic near future, vampires have taken control of the United States eastern seaboard with surviving humans fleeing to the west coast. In the middle is no-man's land where humans make a weekly blood donation to keep the vampires at bay—for now.

The vampires thirst for human destruction is greater than their thirst for blood, as they develop a synthetic blood that would rid their need for humans altogether. Meanwhile, humans will not go down without a fight, and have re-stocked their nuclear arsenal in preparation for an all-out attack against the vampires.

Genre: Action, Horror, Science-Fiction

Start Date: Jan/7/2018




Season 1

Age of the Living Dead 1×01: Episode 1
Age of the Living Dead 1×02: Episode 2
Age of the Living Dead 1×03: Episode 3
Age of the Living Dead 1×04: Episode 4
Age of the Living Dead 1×05: Episode 5
Age of the Living Dead 1×06: Episode 6

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