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Follows Daniel Miller, a newly anointed case officer who has arrived at the CIA foreign station in Berlin, Germany. It with a clandestine mission: to uncover the source of a leak who has supplied information to a now-famous whistleblower named "Thomas Shaw." Guided by jaded veteran Hector DeJean, Daniel learns to contend with the rough-and-tumble world of the field agent—agent-running, deception, the dangers and moral compromises. As he dives deeper into the German capital's hall of mirrors and uncovers the threads of a conspiracy that leads back to Washington, Daniel wonders: Can anyone ever be the same after a posting to Berlin?

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Start Date: Oct/16/2016




Season 1

Berlin Station 1×01: Station to Station
Berlin Station 1×02: Lights Don’t Run on Loyalty
Berlin Station 1×03: Riverrun Dry
Berlin Station 1×04: By Way of Deception
Berlin Station 1×05: Unter Druck
Berlin Station 1×06: Just Decisions
Berlin Station 1×07: Proof of Life
Berlin Station 1×08: False Negative
Berlin Station 1×09: Thomas Shaw
Berlin Station 1×10: Oratorio Berlin

Season 2

Berlin Station 2×01: Everything’s Gonna Be Alt-Right
Berlin Station 2×02: Right Here, Right Now
Berlin Station 2×03: Right to the Heart
Berlin Station 2×04: Do the Right Thing
Berlin Station 2×05: Right of Way
Berlin Station 2×06: Hoeyre Hook (The Right Hook)
Berlin Station 2×07: Right and Wrong
Berlin Station 2×08: The Righteous One

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