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Brief Plot SUmmary

In a town like any other town, they were a family just like any other family surrounding themselves with people they could trust... or, so they thought. Things are not always as they seem in Investigation Discovery's (ID) all-new series Betrayed, which revisits heart-pounding cases of deception that ended in murder at the hands of a trusted family member, co-worker, lover, or friend. Told through the lens of the fictionalized, first-person perspectives of the victims, Betrayed treats the viewer like the only confidant they have left. As investigators, family, and friends peel back the layers and facts of each case, the otherworldly narrator already knows where the breadcrumb trail ends. They guide viewers through the various relationships that comprise their life, raising suspicions about who will commit the ultimate betrayal and bring about their doom.

Genre: Drama, Crime

Start Date: Aug/24/2016




Season 1

Betrayed 1×01: No Escape
Betrayed 1×02: The Devil You Know
Betrayed 1×03: Dancing with Death
Betrayed 1×04: Strangled by Love
Betrayed 1×05: Bad Blood
Betrayed 1×06: Blinded by Betrayal
Betrayed 1×07: Down for the Count
Betrayed 1×08: Family Fatale
Betrayed 1×09: Life and Limb
Betrayed 1×10: Flirting with Death

Season 2

Betrayed 2×02: Death by Desire

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