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Brief Plot SUmmary

Blandings is a period comedy series based on PG Wodehouse's stories and adapted for television by Guy Andrews. Set in 1929 in the fictional Blandings Castle, Lord Emsworth finds it hard to keep his dysfunctional family in order and usually ends up adding to the chaos himself.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Lifestyle

Start Date: Jan/13/2013




Season 1

Blandings 1×01: Pig-Hoo-o-o-o-ey
Blandings 1×02: The Go-Getter
Blandings 1×03: Company For Gertrude
Blandings 1×04: The Crime Wave At Blandings
Blandings 1×05: Lord Emsworth And The Girl Friend
Blandings 1×06: Problems with Drink

Season 2

Blandings 2×01: Throwing Eggs
Blandings 2×02: Dirty Work at the Crossroads
Blandings 2×03: Hallo to All This
Blandings 2×04: Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best
Blandings 2×05: Sticky Wicket at Blandings
Blandings 2×06: Necessary Rhino
Blandings 2×07: The Custody Of The Pumpkin

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