Boyster poster

Brief Plot SUmmary

Boyster is an animated series that follows the adventures of a young male mollusk who realizes his classmates won

Genre: Children Cartoons, Adventure

Start Date: Jun/14/2014




Season 1

Boyster 1×00: Muscle Boy
Boyster 1×01: The Necklace (Pilot)
Boyster 1×02: The Alien
Boyster 1×03: Supermollusc
Boyster 1×04: Teachinator
Boyster 1×05: Shelby, the Art Lover
Boyster 1×06: Skeleton
Boyster 1×07: Strange New Friend
Boyster 1×08: Go Fish!
Boyster 1×09: Love at First Sight
Boyster 1×10: Quiz Show No No
Boyster 1×11: Fish Humor
Boyster 1×12: A Third Arm
Boyster 1×13: Marble Mischief!
Boyster 1×14: Puffed Up
Boyster 1×15: Pool Party!
Boyster 1×16: Free Gilly / The Studio Inferno
Boyster 1×17: Girlster; Video Star Vanilla
Boyster 1×18: The Stache / Bust a Move
Boyster 1×19: Sneezy Art / Magic Rafik
Boyster 1×20: Wavester / Hand in Sticky Hand
Boyster 1×21: It Takes a Thief / Lab Coat Party

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