Crashing poster

Brief Plot SUmmary

Crashing centers on a sweet, wholesome comedian who, after his wife leaves him, has nowhere to stay but on the couches of New York's finest comics.

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Feb/19/2017




Season 1

Crashing 1×01: Artie Lange
Crashing 1×02: The Road
Crashing 1×03: Yard Sale
Crashing 1×04: Barking
Crashing 1×05: Parents
Crashing 1×06: Warm-up
Crashing 1×07: Julie
Crashing 1×08: The Baptism

Season 2

Crashing 2×01: The Atheist
Crashing 2×02: Pete and Leif
Crashing 2×03: Bill Burr

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