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Brief Plot SUmmary

Best friends and fledgling ad men Sam and Tim may not have the money, connections or talent that the big corporations do, but they have more than enough ambition to build a local advertising empire. Whatever they do, they do it together. And no matter what, Tim and Sam's love for each other and their city never wavers.

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Feb/7/2017




Season 1

Detroiters 1×01: Pilot
Detroiters 1×02: Hog Riders
Detroiters 1×03: Sam the Man
Detroiters 1×04: Devereux Wigs
Detroiters 1×05: Happy Birthday Mr. Duvet
Detroiters 1×06: 3rd Floor
Detroiters 1×07: Smilin’ Jack
Detroiters 1×08: Dream Cruise
Detroiters 1×09: Husky Boys
Detroiters 1×10: Quick Rick Mahorn in Dearborn

Season 2

Detroiters 2×01: April in the D
Detroiters 2×02: Jefferson Porger
Detroiters 2×03: Duvet Family Reunion
Detroiters 2×04: Trevor
Detroiters 2×05: Farmer Zack
Detroiters 2×06: Mort Crim
Detroiters 2×07: Lois
Detroiters 2×08: Hark Motors
Detroiters 2×09: Little Caesars
Detroiters 2×10: Royals

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