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Diggers features the zany treasure hunting adventures of Tim Saylor and George Wyant, extreme metal detecting experts and founders of AnacondaTreasure.com. During the opening of each episode, "Team ATC's" "King George" and "Ringmaster Tim" dig up the "DIGGERS" logo cut by Jet Edge. Jet Edge cut the steel "DIGGERS" logo with a 90KSI X-Stream-powered Jet Edge High Rail Gantry waterjet cutting system. To distress the part and encourage faster rusting, Jet Edge's test lab crew ran a fan-tipped waterjet head over the finished part to rough up the surface, then raised the water level in the tank and let the part soak overnight under water on top of metal slats.

Genre: Family, Talent

Start Date: Jan/01/2013

Casts: George Wyant; Tim Saylor



Season 1

Diggers 1×01: Whiskey Rebellion
Diggers 1×02: Oregon Trail Mix
Diggers 1×03: Civil War Nectar Sector
Diggers 1×04: The Lost Hotel
Diggers 1×05: The King and the Ring
Diggers 1×06: Diggin’ the Cape
Diggers 1×07: New Jersey, Old Nectar
Diggers 1×08: Gold Diggers
Diggers 1×09: Hatfields & McCoys
Diggers 1×10: Cajun Gold
Diggers 1×11: Of Mines and Men
Diggers 1×12: Pirate Booty
Diggers 1×13: Gold Thief
Diggers 1×14: Diggin’ Lincoln
Diggers 1×15: Ghost Town Nectar
Diggers 1×16: King of Rock n’ Roll
Diggers 1×17: Diggin’ the Blues
Diggers 1×18: Tombstone Nectar

Season 2

Diggers 2×01: Billy the Kid
Diggers 2×02: Nuclear Nectar
Diggers 2×03: Bonnie & Clyde
Diggers 2×04: Bleeding Kansas
Diggers 2×05: Kentucky Lucky
Diggers 2×06: Pirate Island Gold
Diggers 2×07: Nectar Vortex
Diggers 2×08: Hannibal Nectar

Season 3

Diggers 3×01: Steve Jobs Time Capsule
Diggers 3×02: Fortress of Roundness
Diggers 3×03: Mystery Coin
Diggers 3×04: Custer’s Payroll Chest
Diggers 3×05: Lost Nazi Plane
Diggers 3×06: Chasing Benedict Arnold
Diggers 3×07: Ammo in the Hole
Diggers 3×08: Sherman’s March
Diggers 3×09: Lincoln’s Assassin
Diggers 3×10: Wild Bill and Calamity Jane
Diggers 3×11: Wyatt Earp Wild West
Diggers 3×12: The Lost Fortress
Diggers 3×13: Grant Takes Vicksburg
Diggers 3×14: Gangland
Diggers 3×15: Blackbeard’s Treasure
Diggers 3×16: Gold Rush
Diggers 3×17: George Washington’s Lost Camp
Diggers 3×18: San Francisco Earthquake
Diggers 3×19: Kentucky Bourbon
Diggers 3×20: Pancho Villa Nectar
Diggers 3×21: Kentucky Bourbon
Diggers 3×22: Pancho Villa Nectar

Season 4

Diggers 4×01: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
Diggers 4×02: Madison’s Montpelier
Diggers 4×03: Sleepy Hollow
Diggers 4×04: The Ludlow Massacre
Diggers 4×05: Treasures of the Carrabbean
Diggers 4×06: Grant’s Landing
Diggers 4×07: Band of Brothers
Diggers 4×08: The Real McCoy
Diggers 4×09: Battle of Shiloh
Diggers 4×10: America’s Deadliest Fire
Diggers 4×11: Saratoga
Diggers 4×12: Santa Fe Trail
Diggers 4×13: 12 Years a Slave
Diggers 4×14: Captain John Smith’s Virginia Nectar
Diggers 4×15: Lewis & Clark’s Montana Bonanza
Diggers 4×16: Nazis in MIssissippi
Diggers 4×17: Gunslingers
Diggers 4×18: Wild West
Diggers 4×18: Wild West
Diggers 4×18: Wild West

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