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Brief Plot SUmmary

Disjointed is a workplace comedy starring Kathy Bates as a lifelong advocate for legalization who's finally living her dream as the owner of an L.A.–area cannabis dispensary. Joining her are three budtenders, her twenty-something son and a deeply troubled security guard. All of them are more or less constantly high.

Genre: Comedy

Start Date: Aug/25/2017




Season 1

Disjointed 1×01: Omega Strain
Disjointed 1×02: Eve’s Bush
Disjointed 1×03: Rutherford B. Haze
Disjointed 1×04: Erschreckendglückseligkeit OG
Disjointed 1×05: Schrödinger’s Pot
Disjointed 1×06: Donna Weed
Disjointed 1×07: Prom Night
Disjointed 1×08: Pyongyang Green
Disjointed 1×09: Olivia’s S***balls
Disjointed 1×10: The Worst
Disjointed 1×11: 4/20 Fantasy
Disjointed 1×12: Helium Dream
Disjointed 1×13: Buds Lite
Disjointed 1×14: Weed of Fortune
Disjointed 1×15: Travissimo Private Reserve
Disjointed 1×16: B.Y.O.P.F.U.
Disjointed 1×17: Amsterdam Story
Disjointed 1×18: A-A-R-Pot
Disjointed 1×19: Dr. Dankerson’s Revivifying Wellness Tincture
Disjointed 1×20: “Main Street, USA”

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